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Hot Shots Photos! Studioless Photography
Kenvil, NJ
Contact - Email: / Call: 973.445.2095

Nature Provides the Best Back Drop of All! Let's Use It!

WELCOME!! Thank you for your interest in Hot Shots Photos! Before I tell you what we ARE, I'll tell you what we are NOT. We are not your typical photography studio. First off, there's no studio. We don't use bulky backdrops or fake lighting. Your pictures will not turn out like your average "shopping mall" photo studio portraits...and we're proud of that!

Instead, we come to you or a special location for your unique photo shoot*. You can choose your own location - your yard, a favorite park, etc. - or we can make recommendations! We believe that nature provides us the best backdrop of all…so let’s use it!

Unlike typical studios where everything is "cookie cutter," your photo shoot is as unique as you are. Each shoot is customized to suit YOUR needs.

From the new little angel in your life to your prized antique car, we specialize in photojournalistic pictures that are fun, natural, artistic and, most importantly, reasonably priced! And, unlike those shopping mall studios, we'll take as much time as we have to (though we've found an hour is about all takes).

Choose from 1 of 3 packages that include:
- Private access photo gallery that can be shared with friends and family to view and purchase pictures and gifts
- Your 5 favorite pictures provided electronically for sharing via social media (low-resolution & watermarked)
- Choice of glossy or matte paper
- Travel up to 25* miles
- Standard shipping of pictures to a single location

Package A:
4 - 4x6
2 - 5x7
4 - wallets

Package B:
4 - 4x6
4 - wallets
1 - 8x10

Package C:
8 - wallets
1 - 8x10
1 - 5x7

Package Cost: $60 (must be paid via cash or personal check at time of photo shoot)

Additional photos can be purchased a la carte, including black and whites, black and white with pops of color, photo gifts and more!! General interest photos are also available for purchase so feel free to browse our galleries!

So, remember...if it's studio photography you want, we're not for you. But if you're looking for something unique, fun, and affordable, give us a call!

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a photo shoot please contact us via email at or by phone at 973.445.2095.

Basic Categories:
- Babies
- Children
- Families
- Pets
- Couples/Engagement

Specialty Shoots (call for pricing and details):
- Transportation (motorcycles, cars, truck fleets, police vehicles, fire apparatus, etc.)
- Groups (fire departments, police departments, etc.)
- Weddings/special events

P.S. While you won't have to wait...and wait...and wait for someone else's shoot to be finished, please keep in mind though that we are not the U.S. Postal Service, so in the event of rain or some other major weather event, we will reschedule at your earliest convenience.

About the Photographers:

Niki Alberti is a former marketing professional who left the corporate life to be a stay-at-home mother. She has a passion for photography that goes back years to her early childhood (you know...back when 35mm film was "The Thing"). The concept for Hot Shots! came while waiting for nearly two hours with 7 kids, ages 6 months to 15 years old, at one of those shopping mall studios...despite having an appointment.

Adam Alberti is a professional firefighter who specializes in spot news and fire apparatus photography, with pictures published professionally in countless magazines, books, advertisements and newspapers. For more examples of his work, visit

Niki and Adam are married with two kids, and reside in Kenvil, New Jersey (Morris County).

*Travel up to 25 miles is included. $10 for each additional 25 miles.



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